Tuesday, October 23, 2012


What up enslaved world, its Jerzey Boy D aka That Boy They Refer To, aka Justice Born Divine, aka your girl loves me. This is my opening post to my homie Dmista's blog. I been doin this rap shit since my teens and I'm 27 now, I have downtime and all that thanks to hustlin n trouble n shit but I'm puttin that behind and keepin the conscious path. I'ma hold it down on the mic and be a true emcee for real. Check out some of my stuff http://www.youtube.com/user/jerzeyboyD New material will arrive soon. Peace.

Monday, October 22, 2012

hello world. it's me, zachary.

to be honest with you, i don't know where to exactly begin with all this, but i have an idea of where to start. it all started when i was only 8 years old...the first song i had ever truly listened to was notorious b.i.g.'s "big poppa". i didn't know that they used marvin gaye's "between the sheets" as a sample nor did i understand what he was talking about. but that one song began my life in hip-hop and i haven't looked back since.

i was a quiet kid when i was young, very introverted...kept to myself a lot. not in a bad way or anything like that, but i could keep myself entertained for hours. little did i know that 8 years later, that if i put on a beat and gathered my thoughts that i could put together a 16 that i could be proud of. i started writing verses when i was 13. nothing too major, just something i could put together and keep to myself. my friend sebastian and i had met in high school and during a lunch period decided we would start to do music calling ourselves nu era. so i would go over his house a few times a week and start recording songs. around the same time, i met two other friends of mine dmista and jots. together, we formed the international trio or i3 for short. that had started with me becoming a rapper....freestyling, writing rhymes. i became so enveloped that i knew this was something i wanted to do. even if i never made it big, i wanted to do it for love of the game...something i feel the hip-hop game has been missing for god knows how long. so while i was in school doing classwork, i would write a sixteen here and there. writing two-bar lines in my binders. mind you, i didn't think that i would've done shows and started recording mixtapes and gain support through my music or even have anyone tell me, "yo, i like this shit man." i did it cause i loved doing it. 

i'll be giving you more of my story as i keep giving you more and more posts.
as of right now, i've finished recording a mixtape with my boy sebastian (aka nwp, the new world prodigy) called the unexpected mixtape. and after a good conversation with my homie dmista inviting me to become a member of sonic darwinism, my stomach feels empty. i feel hungry again. a hunger i haven't felt since i was a 16-year old sophomore in high school. the kind of hunger that an artist has when he wants to grab the mic and destroy any instrumental that's put in front of him. 

hello world. it's me, zachary. but from now on, i prefer you call me ryan.


Ya know, I've seen what it takes to be good and bad in this business.  Im strictly a DJ...yeah I can spit off the dome for a few bars...But my background is on two technic 1200s scratching on an old Slick Rick joint.  I'm DJ Dino Parmagiano aka dat wop...Jersey born...The idea behind this Sonic Darwinism as stated by Dmista is exactly as he says...survival of the fittest...who is the most popular beats all...who is going to get the song stuck in your head...but for all the wrong reasons....Now a days its about balling, blunts, and broads...Can we take it back La-Di-DA-Di...Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh...no turntables...just a beat box and an MC RICKKYY DD...he told a story and left us with some of the best lines...where do you think we got "Biggie Biggie Can't you see"...yea it wasn't even Notorious it was Slick Rick....
       Now I am always going to support old school hip hop but that doesn't mean I am against todays hip-hop...It's just the intellectual value of it has decreased.  There was a song that came out about three years ago...Exhibit C by Jay Electronica...it was on Hot 97's playlists for a couple of weeks and that was it...HE spoke a story...and he couldnt even make a month on a playlist...Today money rules this business...when I used to have my show back at Rutgers...PARMAGIANO IN THE PM...IN THE AM...WRSU 88.7fm.....I brought in underground rappers that would out do most of what you hear today...Nick Javas...Solo for Dolo...Dmista...the list goes on and on...but without the green there isn't there....
But we are still lucky.... Nasir Jones...aka Nasti NAs...he still speaks truth...why do you think he beat Jay-Z back in the day...Jay-Z isnt what he used to be...but Nas...he has it....Life is Good...
I'll leave everybody with this...I dont hate on anybody...everybody is making their money...but when you listen to a joint....listen past the beat...listen to the words...listen to the message....Nas said it the best...it's a poison...all we hear and see is poison...its a blinding falsehood covering a true reality....BE good everyone


This is Sonic Darwinism. In a perfect world, the best sounds SHOULD get the most attention- call it popularity, call it the Billboard Charts, call it the shit that's being bumped with bass to make your heart shiver from an El Camino riding slow through downtown on a busy Friday. Take the concept of Social Darwinism to Music- a battlefield where songs knock each other off in a righteous example of survival of the fittest.

For now this blog is a tentative experiment, an outlet for me and some friends to talk about daily happenings, post dope music, and whatnot. I'll also be selfishly using this as a launchpad for me to post my music up as little by little I become less stagnant with my creative capabilities. I was 18 when I recorded my last song, 20 when I dropped the mic. I'm 23 now and (although the goal isnt fame or to "make it") there's a resurgence of people blowing up reminiscent to what I consider the Golden Era of Hip Hop (1992-98). An 18-year old by the name of Nasir Jones created the perfect album before he could legally buy beer, same goes for fellow Queens natives Prodigy and Havoc when they dropped The Infamous, while down in the ATL Organized Noize laced a teenage Andre 3000 and Big Boi with the classic sounds that created Southernplayalisticadillacmusic. There's loads more of examples. These days we have the likes of ASAP Rocky and his crew, the Oddfuture crew, Kendrick Lamar, Joey Badass, Big Sean, hell... even Drake is 25, I know I have missed plenty of up and coming MCs in my age bracket/demographic, but you get the picture.
I'm not saying these MCs are dropping anything remotely close to an "Illmatic" but they are deservedly getting shine.

And maybe I want to join the ride.

With that being said, I'm dusting off the mic and writing 100 bar verses like back in the days when I was in high school, ignoring what was going class cuz I was too busy working on this rhyme. Within a month I should have the first song up and I'm gonna keep my output going. I haven't had any sort of real accountability since I got out of the Army, so this will be it.